Recently Joseph Cordell was quoted in St. Louis Magazine about new trends in prenuptial agreements.

“There’s a popular perception that prenups are a cynical way to enter into a marriage. It’s true there’s recognition of the possibility of divorce, but to think otherwise is contrary to reality,"says Joseph Cordell.

“It’s more incumbent upon some people entering a marriage than others,” he added. “If you have a young couple getting married, and they’re both broke, then marital property is probably subject to a 50/50 division. By contrast, when you have an older couple, where parties have been married before or have accumulated substantial amounts of property, through a slight misstep in the normal judicial process of divorce, separate assets could be converted to become marital property. It would be reckless for a couple in that second example to ignore the possibility of divorce,” says Cordell.

Die Welt Newspaper: In The Name Of The Father

Recently, Cordell & Cordell, P.C., was featured in the international German news magazine Die Welt. Principal Partner Joseph Cordell explains the difficulties that fathers in the United States face in the current family court systems.

A recent Midwest divorce proceeding involved a father leaving his wife due to her alcoholism. Despite the evidence against her, the court awarded the mother custody and the father lost not only his children but $20k in attorney and court fees.

“It is sad and frustrating,” stated Joseph Cordell. “The judgment shows that women in divorce proceedings use weapons against which men stand little chance. In divorce proceedings, men are entirely and clearly at a disadvantage, financially as well as morally.”


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