Q: Dear Joseph,

Reading about you is inspiring. I am 48 years old, live in New Delhi, India, height 5 feet 10 inches and weight around 100 kg. My recommended body weight is around 70 kg and I have started a calories restriction diet of 1600 calories a day, 3 days ago. I wish to pursue this practice and any suggestions or guidance you could give to me on this, would go a long way in helping me.

Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. You are inspiring.

Kind regards
A: Hello Sanjiv,
Welcome aboard. You are launching on an adventure that will bring you great pleasure, excitement, challenges, occasional frustrations, but throughout manifold rewards. Be sure to go slowly. Reach target calories/weight over 6-8 month period. This allows your body to adapt more effectively. It's like the months required to climb Mount Everest; your body's acclimatization takes time. Also upgrade the nutritional quality of your diet; eat lots of vegetables and berries! Enjoy.

Thank you,
Joseph Cordell